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Jiminy gee wilikers! DC has made the announcement that it plans the animated release of Frank Millers’ “The Dark Knight Rises” and Robocop’s Peter Weller is doing the voice of the Dark Knight. It was announced that the movie will be a two parter and that the first part will be speculated to be released fall of 2013 😦 so far away….

Here is a summary of the plot,

a near future where the Bat has since retired and Gotham City has managed to become an even worse place to live. A gang of hooligans called The Mutants terrorize Gotham to the point where it finally forces the now 55-year old Bruce back to crime fighting, now with a new and female Robin by his side. Bruce Timm, the executive producer of all 15 of DC’s animated movies said that Weller has “the proper weight to his voice. He definitely…

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